Shout Out For Kidney Health

In recognition of National Kidney Month in March 2021, Qsource ESRD Networks 10 and 12 would like to recognize people who are living well with kidney disease and the care providers that help them every day. During March, we will focus on a different group each week giving a Shout Out to thank them for their efforts and share their story to encourage others. 

Email Network 10 (IL) or Network 12 (IA,KS,MO,NE) to share a picture and tell us who deserves a SHOUT OUT. Help us celebrate and spread kidney health awareness by giving a SHOUT OUT for Kidney Health!

Transplant Trailblazers

A Transplant Trailblazer is someone who has received a kidney transplant and is living well with kidney disease that shares their story to encourage others to consider transplant as a treatment option. 

Use your mouse to hover over the images and read the trailblazer stories. You can also download a copy to share.   

Mike Ashley

Mike Ashley lives in Des Moines, Iowa, with his wife of seven years, Dawn. He has Polycystic Kidney Disease and had a kidney transplant in 2009 and recently returned to dialysis. He deserves a Shout Out for all his volunteer efforts with ESRD Network 12, and the National Kidney Foundation as “The Kidney Man” he has traveled throughout the country giving his time and talents to promote kidney health and kidney transplant. He has inspired many to pursue kidney transplant and now has begun another search. Click here to read more about Mike’s journey and to see him in action watch this video.

Barbara Briggs

Barbara Briggs lives in Omaha, Nebraska and received her second kidney transplant in 2017. She deserves a Shout Out for her passionate advocacy efforts in her community and with ESRD Network 12 serving on the Patient Advisory Council and Medical Review Board. She shares her story with patients at her former dialysis center, members of her church and inspired her son to pursue a career helping with organ donation. Click here to read Barbara’s inspiring story of grace and resilience in the Heartland Headlines Patient Newsletter and watch a short video about how she’s staying strong through COVID-19.  

Mike Bronson

Mike Bronson lives in Tonganoxie, Kansas with his wife of 35 years and where he is the senior pastor for a Baptist church. He received a living donor transplant in 2009. He deserves a Shout Out for joining the Network Patient Advisory Council (PAC) in 2016 and volunteering his time and talents advocating on behalf of kidney patients. Mike has served on the ESRD Network 12 Medical Review Board, is now on the Board of Directors and the PAC Chair. To hear more about Mike’s story of perseverance and hope, listen to and share the VIP Renal Review Podcast recording.

Jim McFarlin

Jim McFarlin is a former PD patient, now living with a transplanted kidney since November 2011. He is an author and journalist, former standup comedian, and wedding officiant! In his spare time, Jim serves on the ESRD Network 10 Patient Advisory Council and Board of Directors, providing insight on the patient voice in network activities and offering ideas and feedback on network resources and interventions to benefit our kidney community. Jim recently interviewed with Gift of Hope Organ and Tissue Donor Network to talk about his transplanted kidney.  Check out Jim’s amazing story here. 

Clarissa Zetina

When Clarissa was 21 years old she was diagnosed with end-stage renal disease after falling into a 7-day coma. For 15 years, she did in center hemodialysis until she received a kidney transplant. This 20-year journey has not been easy, but she is grateful for all it has taught her. Volunteering and advocating for herself and others provide strength and encouragement to many including herself. “We are our best advocates. Our stories of fight and survival are filled of hope and resilience”. Click here to listen to Clarissa speak about Working While on Dialysis.

Home Heroes

A Home Hero is a home dialysis patient who is living well with kidney disease and shares their story to encourage others to consider home modalities. Meet some Home Heroes leading the way for others to live well with kidney disease.

Use your mouse to hover over the images and read the home hero stories. You can also download a copy to share.   

Jimmie Bates

Jimmie Bates lives in Dubuque, Iowa with his wife, Dawn. He began his journey with kidney disease in 2008. Jimmie deserves a SHOUT OUT for his advocacy efforts to promote home dialysis. He has been doing home hemodialysis since 2018. It has allowed him to do the things he enjoys– spending time with his family and motorcycle riding. He is a member of the ESRD Network 12 Patient Advisory Council (PAC) and has worked with his dialysis clinic and NxStage to promote home modalities. View this video posted by NxStage sharing Jimmie’s story. To see pictures of Jimmie’s and other patients’ home set up click here.

Jeffrey Cauley

Jeffrey deserves a SHOUT OUT for Kidney Health because he is a rock star at home hemodialysis. Jeffrey’s journey with dialysis began in 1999 and he has been on home hemodialysis since 2005. He is a great example of someone who is living well with kidney disease and encourages others with his story.  After COVID restrictions are lifted, his clinic has asked him to come and do a treatment at the in-center clinic so other patients can see him in action. Instead of waiting, Jeffrey recorded a video of himself doing his dialysis at home so the Network can share it out more broadly. Click here to see the video.

Samuel Hayes

Samuel Hayes is a peritoneal dialysis patient from Champagne, IL who currently works full time and deserves a SHOUT OUT. Samuel credits his success to his family, especially his wife Shawn who has been by his side to support him in his journey. Samuel became a patient in 2018, he received his training and took it upon himself to become an advocate by sharing his story in the community, hoping to create awareness about the importance of self-care. Click here to hear Samuel speak about continuing to work while being a kidney patient.

Monica Jemison

Monica Jemison chose peritoneal dialysis as her modality of choice until she received a kidney transplant. Monica chose home dialysis because it was the best decision for her and her family. She had two younger children at home, and an older son who had just become a father. Monica is a member of the ESRD Network 10 PAC and has also served on the National Patient and Family Engagement Learning and Action Network (NPFE-LAN) in both the Home Dialysis and Transplant Affinity Groups. Click here to listen to her podcast about home dialysis with the ESRD NCC NPFE LAN.

Anja Schlagel

Anja lives in Overland Park, Kansas but is originally from Berlin, Germany. She was diagnosed in her mid-thirties and had been on peritoneal dialysis (PD) from December 2017 until she received a kidney transplant in 2019. Anja is on the Network 12 PAC, the Medical Review Board and volunteers for The American Association of Kidney Patients (AAKP). She deserves a SHOUT OUT for her passionate advocacy efforts and drive. She wants all patients to know their options and consider PD. PD allowed her to work full-time as a structural engineer while raising two children with her husband. To hear more about Anja’s story of resolve and resilience, listen to her VIP Renal Review Podcast.

PEERS in Action

PEERS in Action are Patients who Empower, Educate, Represent and Support their patient peers by being active in their care and in the dialysis clinic’s improvement efforts. Peers in Action are positive examples of living life well on dialysis and their work to help others do so too.

Use your mouse to hover over the images and read the home hero stories. You can also download a copy to share.   

Susie Atterberg

Susie Atterberg lives in Keokuk, Iowa with her husband. She started her kidney journey with an anti-glomerular basement membrane (anti-GBM) diagnosis and spent 1 1/2 years on in-center dialysis before receiving a kidney from a longtime friend in February 2018. Atterberg deserves a SHOUT OUT for the annual “Twisted Sisters” event she coordinates with her donor and others to benefit the dialysis patients and staff. Susie was the first honoree of the Ardyth M. Boucher Legacy Award in 2019, because of her efforts. She is a Network Patient Representative and member of the Network 12 Patient Advisory Council. Read more about Susie’s story in our Heartland Headlines patient newsletter.

Doug Carrell

Doug Carrell lives in Morrill, Neb. and does in-center hemodialysis at Scottsbluff Dialysis Center. He deserves a SHOUT OUT for his exceptional work as a Network Patient Representative sharing his insight, time and talents to improve the patient experience for his peers. He has worked with the staff to improve patient outcomes, meets with new patients and has helped with events to help with patient and staff morale. Carrell is also on the Network 12 Patient Advisory Council. Watch the Partnering Together-Benefits of Patient Representatives webinar that includes the partnership story presented by Carrell and his social worker, Erin Kontogiannis.

Debra Cohns

Debra Cohns lives and does in-center hemodialysis in St. Louis. She deserves a SHOUT OUT as the 2020 Ardyth M. Boucher Legacy Award winner for her advocacy efforts at Fresenius Kidney Care-North County, supporting the patients at the clinic and in her community. To read her story, download the Heartland Headlines patient newsletter. Click here to watch a video of Cohns receiving the award and to learn more about how she lives well with kidney disease and is making a difference in the lives of others.

Della Major

Della Major deserves a SHOUT OUT for Kidney Health. She serves as a member of the Patient Advisory Council and also served as Facility Peer Representative at her previous dialysis facility. Major has also served on national patient committees for all 18 ESRD Networks, including NCC Mental Health, Grievance, and HAI Affinity Groups. In 2020, Major launched her non-profit organization L.Y.V.E – Living Your Life Victorious and Empowered. L.Y.V.E’s purpose is to educate, empower, and advocate on behalf of individuals living with Kidney disease. Follow Major on Facebook at L.Y.V.E, or subscribe to her YouTube page at You Can L.Y.V.E.

Quin Taylor

Quin Taylor is a Chronic Invisible Illness Warrior, Patient Advocate and Speaker, who deserves a SHOUT OUT for Kidney Health. At the age of 27, Taylor had to start dialysis. She learned about patient advocacy, jumped in headfirst and has had the pleasure of working with many organizations. She decided to take her experience to educate others about the importance of the patient voice and patient empowerment. Taylor has recently founded Tayloring Gratitude to help individuals with chronic, invisible illnesses manage life with their diagnoses. Learn more about Tayloring Gratitude.

Care Teams and Care Partners

Cheering for the exceptional Kidney Care Teams, providers and Care Partners who help people live well with kidney disease by the care they give every day! Check out the stories of individual care partners and providers as well as staff appreciation activities that have been done for some Kidney Care Teams.

Use your mouse to hover over the images and read the home hero stories. You can also download a copy to share.   

Dawn Bates

Dawn Bates lives in Dubuque, Iowa with her husband, Jimmie who is on hemodialysis. She has been his care partner since he began at home in 2009.  Dawn deserves a Shout Out, not only for her advocacy and on behalf of her husband, but also as a Network Patient Representative at his clinic and as an advocate for NxStage. Dawn facilitates a local support group for home dialysis patients and cohosts a caregivers support group on Zoom.  She is on the Network 12 Patient Advisory Council to share her positive attitude, creativity and passion! Click to read their story and get information online support groups.

Nacedah Hancock

Nacedah has been a dialysis technician for 15 years and currently works at the Davita Litchfield clinic in Illinois (Network 10). Nacedah has a personal connection with her patients, because she was diagnosed with ESRD as a teen. She received a living donor transplant in 2014! Nacedah works as a PCT, Modality Educator, Safety Auditor, and Preceptor in her clinic and she was recently elected to the ESRD Network 10 Medical Review Board. Thanks for all you do Nacedah!

Scottsbluff Dialysis

Thanks to Doug Carrell, Network Patient Representative, for sharing how the patients showed their appreciation for the staff at Scottsbluff Dialysis! Staff provided patients with an opportunity to write their words of appreciation on hearts and post them on bulletin board to be seen by all. Shout Out to the staff at Scottsbluff Dialysis- you are ESSENTIAL! Your caring helps to improve the lives of your patients to help them live well with kidney disease!

Tri-State Dialysis - Dubuque

Patient and Care Partners, Jimmie and Dawn Bates and all the patients at Tri-State Dialysis – Dubuque in Iowa, say their team deserves a Shout Out for all they do! Thanks to Dawn and Jimmie for sharing their idea to honor staff with a Staff Shout Out bulletin board. As the Network Patient Representative for the Home Program, Dawn helped to design and post a bulletin board that would allow patients to share their gratitude for staff. They also provided lip balm to all the staff, because the Staff at Tri-State Dialysis – Dubuque is the BALM!

Brenda Vassar-Taylor

Brenda is a member of the ESRD Network 10 Patient Advisory Council, providing the caregiver perspective to the Network. She knows kidney disease and the role of the caregiver well, as she provided ESRD care for both her husband, Eddie Taylor and daughter Quin Taylor, who were also both members of the ESRD Network 10 PAC. Brenda started ESRD Rockstars to encourage caregivers to make themselves a priority, so that they can continue caring for the ones they love. She has now founded ESRD Care Partners, Inc. She is pictured with her daughter Quin.

Looking for ideas to engage patients in an opportunity to show their appreciation of staff? Click here for Staff Appreciation Ideas and join us in giving your team a well-deserved SHOUT OUT for Kidney Health.