adherence education

Controlling Phosphorus Through Binder Adherence

These resources have been gathered to help the dialysis caregiver help their patients understand the importance of adherence to the binder prescription, as well as choosing foods that are low in phosphorus.

Interactive Tools

Plan a Lobby Day!

Lobby Days are fun and interactive displays which invite patients and their family members to learn more about a particular topic. Lobby Days are held usually held in the waiting room during the treatment day.

To set up a display focused on choosing low phosphorus foods and binder adherence, you may want to include:

  • Set up a table with boxed foods and invite patients to pick out the phos ingredients from the nutrition label
  • Offer low-phos snacks for patients who visit the exhibit
  • Pick a mascot for education on phosphorus adherence – a plastic skeleton sporting the local team’s baseball hat or football jersey would be memorable!

This resource on Lobby Days focuses on home treatment options, but the basics to organize and run a Lobby Day are the same, such as What is a Lobby Day, How To hold a Lobby Day, and Evaluating Your Lobby Day. Details are included in the booklet.

Kidney Smart Shopping

YouTube videos of Kentucky dietitians leading a group tour of a grocery store, shopping for foods which are good for dialysis patients. Produced by the Kidney Health Alliance of Kentucky.

Contest Inspires Patients to Achieve Treatment Goals
From Life Options

Improving Patient Understanding of Phosphate Binders: A Bony Challenge
Presented by Pamela S. Kent, MS, RD, CDE, CSR, LD
Presentation Slides

5 Diamond Patient Safety Program

This innovative training program assists dialysis providers in increasing awareness and building a culture of safety among patients and staff. The program consists of 14 modules on different dialysis topics – the modules on Health Literacy and Communications may be useful for the project counseling for binder adherence. To attain “5 Diamond Status,” a facility must complete the module on Patient Safety Principles, and complete four other modules within the calendar year. In addition to teaching about patient safety, 5 diamond facilities receive a plaque for their participation and are recognized on the Network website.

Resources to Use With Patients

Eating Right for Kidney Health – Tips for People with Chronic Kidney Disease
Free downloadable booklet
National Institutes of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

Phosphorus & the CKD Diet
Overview of phosphorus, including a chart of foods to avoid. Video included.
(Courtesy of the National Kidney Foundation)

Reading Food Labels
Explanation of all items on the food label
(Courtesy of the National Kidney Foundation)

How to Read Food a Food Label – Tips for People with CKD
Handout with Illustrations
National Institutes of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

Phosphorus Binders (Phosphate Binders) and the Dialysis Diet
DaVita Website

FMC Website

Teaching Dialysis Patients about Phosphorus
Renal & Urology News Website (free subscription required to access article)

Fast Food & Hidden Phosphorus

Finding Phosphorus Additive on Food Labels

Finding Phosphorus Additive on Food Labels (spanish)

Phosphorus and Your Body

Phosphorus Binder Reminders 1
Tips to remember to take binders.

Phosphorus Binder Reminders 2
More tips to remember to take binders.

Phosphorus Word Find

Battling Bone Disease
Overview of phosphorus and its impact on the renal patient
(Courtesy of AAKP)

Resources for the Renal Dietitian

Bowes & Churches Food Values of Portions Commonly Used
This classic guide to nutrition has helped put the “balance” in balanced diets since 1937! Now completely updated for the Nineteenth Edition, this bestseller continues to supply authoritative data on the nutritional value of foods in a form for quick and easy reference. The book’s main table reflects the current food supply—listing more than 6,300 common foods—and contains data on the nutritional content of foods, organized by food groups.

Watch Out for Phosphate Additives!
By June Martin, RD, 2011
Article on phos additives, nicely illustrated with labels and colorful graphics.

Nutrition and Kidney Disease
A compilation of resources available for the Renal Dietitian from NIDDK

RNF Reprint: Counseling For Behavior Change
Reprint of video from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (there is a fee to download)

Contest Inspires Patients to Achieve Treatment Goals
From Life Options

Enhanced Beverages

Acceptable Pepsi Products

AAKP Delicious! Cookbook
(Courtesy of AAKP, available for purchase)

Kidney-Friendly Recipes
(Courtesy of DaVita)

Spice it Up!
This site is a recipe book series for dialysis patients and their friends and families, published by Elke Henneberg, Communication ebmed Inc., Sutton, Quebec, Canada

The Renal Gourmet
A Cookbook by a Kidney Patient

Easy Meals
Recipes for Renal Patients


Effect of Food Additives on Hyperphosphatemia Among Patients with ESRD
Catherine Sullivan et al 2009

Phosphorus Additives in Food and Their Effect on the Dialysis Patient
Jaime Uribarri 2009

Phosphorus Control Linked to Self-Motivation in ESRD
From Renal & Urology News

Managing Oral Phosphate Binder Medication Expenditures Within the Medicare Bundled End-Stage Renal Disease Prospective Payment System: Economic Implications for Large U.S. Dialysis Organizations
Haesuk Park, Karen L. Rascati, Michael S. Keith