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Sustainable Change Kit

Welcome to the Sustainable Change Kit Resource Page. Sustainability is your clinic’s ongoing capacity to work together to establish, advance, and maintain effective strategies that continuously improve health and quality of life for your ESRD patients. It is our goal to help you incorporate interventions into your own activities and processes in order to sustain the project once our involvement is completed. You will need to think about process changes and new approaches that directly impact future results.

Sustainability Guide

Qsource ESRD Network 10’s 2018 Sustainability Guide is a resource to help you think about what sustainable change looks like and how to achieve it.

Sustainability Guide

Sustainability Guide

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Sustainable Change Kits

Each Sustainable Change Kit below will help you find resources that can be used in your clinic to maintain the positive progress you have made during the Quality Improvement Activity.


depression screening

home dialysis

infection prevention

Sustainability Resources

These links may be helpful for you to gain a better understanding of the Quality Improvement Process and how to apply it at your clinic.

 Motivational Interviewing Strategies

Growing And Sustaining Patient Engagement

Sustaining A Culture of Community