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2744 Annual Survey Process

All dialysis and transplant units must complete the CMS Form 2744 Annual Facility Survey by March 31, 2020.

Instructions differ between Medicare certified dialysis units and transplant and VHA dialysis units. Separate instructions are listed below.

Transplant and VHA dialysis units

Your surveys will be mailed to the designated Facility Administrator with supporting documents since most of you are not CROWNWeb users. The packet will include instructions and must be returned to the Network with supporting missing 2744 forms for manual processing no later than March 31, 2020.

Transplant and VHA facilities are expected to send patient rosters and 2744 forms to the Network in a timely manner for processing throughout the year so that year-end 2744 adjustments are minor and CROWNWeb contains accurate patient information.

Medicare Certified Dialysis Units

Your facility should generate your 2744 Annual Survey form by February 15, 2020.  If your facility does not generate the 2744 form by this date, the Network will generate your 2744 form for you and reject it.

Through the months of February and March, we will review 2744 forms and will reject them if they contain errors.  You may use the Annual Survey Process document (below) to assist in resolving form errors.  When a form is rejected, facility staff are notified via e-mail that further processing is needed.  Note that your 2744 form is not complete until it holds a FINALIZED status.

Your facility’s 2744 Annual Survey must be electronically accepted by the Network and hold a FINALIZED status in CROWNWeb by March 31, 2020. Signed 2744 forms do NOT need to be faxed or e-mailed to the Network unless you are a Transplant or VHA facility.

The Training section of MyCROWNWeb.org contains 2744 training modules (found on the left side menu on the screen) for your convenience.

Follow these instructions to resolve error and warning messages.

Follow these instructions for help with troubleshooting reports.