A COVID-19 module has been added to the 5 Diamond Patient Safety Program website and is available for any dialysis provider to access. The module was developed in partnership with the American Society of Nephrology (ASN).

Objectives for the module include:

  1. Discuss COVID-19, including what it is and how it spreads.
  2. Identify symptoms of COVID-19.
  3. Describe the important steps a facility must take in assessment and triage of its patients.
  4. Explain “source control.”
  5. Understand actions a facility should take to prepare for COVID-19 within its patient population.

Facilities can access this module and earn a Diamond by:

  1. Selecting the COVID-19 Module on the 5 Diamond Homepage
  2. Login or register
  3. Download materials for facility staff
  4. Complete module activities
    • Pretest
    • Review PowerPoint
    • Post-test
  5. Submit reporting form
  6. Print 5 Diamond certificate