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2020 Network Election

The election is open for open positions on the Medical Review Board and the Board of Directors of Qsource ESRD Network 10. The ballots will be emailed to each facility and should be completed/submitted by Friday, December 4, 2020. The ballot is sent to the designated Facility Representative. If there is no designated Facility Representative, the ballot will be sent to the clinic manager. Each dialysis clinic is entitled to one vote (by CCN number).

Candidate Information

Board of Directors Open Positions

  • 2 At-Large Positions
  • 1 Nephrologist

Medical Review Board Open Positions

  • 1 Nephrologist
  • 1 Social Worker
  • 1 Patient Care Technician
  • 1 Dietician
  • 1 Vascular/Interventional or Transplant Surgeon

For questions, contact Audrey Broaddus at abroaddus@qsource.org.